System Dynamics studieren an der Universität Bergen

Hier ein Aufruf unserer SD-Kollegen von der Universität Bergen:

The System Dynamics Group at the University of Bergen needs your help in saving the only master programme in system dynamics in Europe!

Recently, the Norwegian government decided to impose tuition fees for international students (students from countries outside the EU), doing away with their longstanding free education for all policy. The backbone of our master’s programme has always been these affected students who make up over 80% of the cohort each year. This policy decision thus puts our programme at serious risk.

In order to increase applications for 2023 and fill our 25 study places, we are trying to extend our reach to potential students from the EU, who still enjoy tuition-free education in Norway. To do this, we ask you to disseminate information about our programme amongst your respective institutional networks, especially those of you who are in direct contact with students, e.g. on bachelor level.

Our online information meeting for prospective students will be held on February 2, 2023 @ 13:00 CET. Application deadline for EU students: March 1, 2023.

Attracting new talent is immensely important to ensure the growth and development of our field. The University of Bergen has always played an essential role in doing just that and wishes to keep doing so! Thank you all for your support and cooperation.

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